Effective – August 1, 2017



Petition – 1 Service                                                                                                      $350.00**

With Temporary Restraining Order OR Rule                                                                     $425.00**

Plus Additional Defendant and/or Service                                                                         $100.00

Plus Secretary of State Fee                                                                                             $50.00


The above fees apply to:

New Suits - Interventions – Reconventional Demands – Third Party Demands –

Cross-Claims – Compromise Settlements – Deficiency Judgments – Garnishments –

Successions – Tutorships – Mandamus – Adoptions


Subsequent Pleadings – 1 Service                                                                                  $250.00**

Each Additional Service                                                                                                  $100.00

Without Service                                                                                                            $200.00**


The above fees apply to:

Exceptions – Judgment Debtor Rules – Motion and Order for Continuances –

Rule to Show Causes – Motion for Summary Judgments – Interrogatories and

Request for Admissions – Mandamus – Motion and Order for Appeals –

Writ of Fi-Fas


Clerk’s Suit – 1 Defendant                                                                                            $350.00

Each Additional Service                                                                                                  $100.00


Subpoena and/or Subpoena Duces Tecum                                                                        $100.00

            (This does NOT include witness fees)


Notice of Deposition with 1 Subpoena or Subpoena Duces Tecum                                     $150.00

            (This does NOT include witness fees)


Curator Fees                                                                                                                $200.00+/-


Witness Fees                             $25.00 per day + $0.20 per mile (round trip)

                                                   $40.00 for Law Enforcement Officer


Other Filings:                            $6.00 for the first page AND

                                                $4.00 for each additional page

                                                $5.00 Fax Filing, plus per page filing fee

                                                $5.00 for certifying copies PLUS $1.00 per page (we make our own

                                                           copies for certification)

                                                $1.00 per page for copies

                                                $3.00 for conformed copy, if copy is included

                                                $2.00 per page for paper - exhibits, attachments,

                                                          transcripts and depositions

                                                $5.00 all other exhibits

                                                $1.00 Court Minutes, plus $5.00 if certified

                                                $5.00 Act of Congress, plus $1.00 per page

                                                $5.00 per original page, including, transcript and exhibits,

                                                          for Appeals

                                                $15.00 Notice without service

                                                $20.00 Notice with service

                                                Postage – Amount actually incurred


**If you will be sending paper - exhibits, attachments, transcripts and depositions with your pleadings, you will need to send an additional $2.00 per page to cover the filing of your attachments.


NOTE:  Your attention is called to that portion of R.S. 13:842 which reads in part:  “Whenever the costs have been exhausted the amount of the original advance deposit, the clerk may refuse to perform any further function in the proceeding until the additional costs for the function have been paid.”

Revised 07/21/2017